Artist Development and Studio Training Programs

The Noize Faktory Inc. is an artist development company, an independent label and an academy with a collective focus on the development of the independent musican.

The Noize Faktory Training & Mentorship Programs - is a series of 1-on-1 training and artist development programs with a direct emphasis on personal acceleration in the fields of; Production/Composition, DJ’ing, Performing Arts, Recording Arts, Mixing and Mastering. The Noize Faktory is an industry-tailored, studio training workshop center with emphasis on independent advancement in the music industry.

Industry program for advancement in the music industry with a focus on Audio Engineering, Music Production, DJ, Mixing and Mastering, Recording and Performance Arts. Canada's top music program with an active curriculum in the current music industry and artist development. The Noize Faktory is the fastest way to get inside the music industry anywhere in Canada. For careers in Music Production, DJ-ing, Audio Engineering, Recording and Management, The Noize Faktory has been the number one institution for custom-tailored 1-on-1 workshop programs in the music business.

Our training programs take place in active industry environments for a practical and realistic, hands on approach to music. 

Working alongside a body of upcoming and already accomplished artists and engineers will allow you the opportunity to collaborate with others and network yourself. 

Your Noize Faktory team of instructors and mentors will guide you throughout the entire process of your training and artist development program from beginning to end. Programs are tailored to up and coming and established artists as well.

A short video tour of the studio facilities where The Noize Faktory programs are held. To schedule an in-person tour, please email

Learning in actual industry state of the art recording studios alongside industry professionals

All sessions are held in various, specialized, high end. pro-audio and recording studios throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

As a critical part of our custom-tailored structure, we providehigh-end studios, fully equipped with any requirements necessary to fulfill your engineering requests and needs.


Studio locations are carefully selected for our course programs and are fully equipped to provide you with extensive hands-on learning and unlimited practice. This is a great opportunity to start networking and learning how to work with other music industry professionals while taking your course.


Have the opportunity to work in ;

  • Live Audio Tracking Studios
  • HIgh-End Recording Studios
  • Audio Mixing Studios
  • Audio Treatment Studios
  • Vocal Tracking Studios
  • Rehearsal Studio
  • Mastering Studios
  • Film Edit Studios
  • Post-Production Studios


The Noize Faktory is Canada's top music development and mentorship program with a focus on; Audio Engineering, Music Production, DJ, Mixing and Mastering, Recording and Performance Arts. The Noize Faktory is the fastest way to get inside the music industry anywhere in Canada and has been the number one institution for custom-tailored 1-on-1 specialized artist development programs and services.

  • Custom-tailored courses

Full DJ, Music Production and Recording/Mixing course programs customized to each student's preferences and criteria, based on experience, goals and interests. Curriculum is designed to suit your personal music-skill development

  • 1-on-1 attention

All course programs are 1-on-1 based , as we are a specialized training centre for DJ, Music Production, Recording Arts professions.

  • Industry training

Noize Faktory's main mission has always been to train and prepare dedicated music enthusiasts for a career in the music industry. All of our courses are designed with careful attention to the development of skills necessary for an ongoing career in the music industry.

  • Industry networking

While enrolled in one of our courses, you are not only intensely learning and getting closer to your music goals, but you also have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, executives, label representatives and musicians.

  • Active professionals

The Noize Faktory mentors are active, established career musicians, producers, engineers and DJ's. We only employ industry professionals for our courses and are committed to providing our clients with professional training from professionals with experience in the industry.

  • Flexible scheduling

Pursuing a career in music and not trying to establish it fast requires much more than going to a class. This is why flexible scheduling has shown us the highest results in the progress of our students. Scheduling and 1-on-1 approach are the key elements of our courses.

  • Variety of locations

This is what makes your course even more progressive. Imagine taking your classes in different studio locations around your city! We place you in several high-end studios within your city to complete your course and depending on the subjects covered in your curriculum you will be taking classes in different assigned studios. Let's say your next session is covering Recording with Live Bands - this would mean we will place you in the closest high end studio that specializes in SSL boards and live band mic setups.

  • Personalized curriculum adjusted to your experience & preferences
  • Up to 2 sessions per day/Up to 4 sessions per week
  • Assistance with obtaining gigs in clubs and events
  • Assistance with DJ equipment and software
  • The Noize Faktory Course Completion Certification
  • Assistance with label recruitment, referrals and recommendations
  • A rewarding membership program for registered clients
  • In-Home and In-Studio Local Lessons
  • 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Small Group Sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Software and equipment support
  • Payment plans available
  • Assistance with artist development, marketing & management