60 hours of 1-on-1 Studio Training

Program can be completed in 2-6 months.

You may choose to complete from 3.5 to 14 hours per week.

Program Focus

Program dedicated to turning you into a professional recording engineer as well as an industry recording artist for today's audio industry.

Record like a pro! This course program is designed to train you to be a professional engineer behind the board. We focus our training on the practical, hands-on aspects of recording. You will be able to experience recording challenges and tweaks in different settings throughout this course. From recording live bands to artists, choirs and solos! This is the most diverse recording course out there! 

Phase 1: Audio, Recording and Engineering Fundamentals

Phase 2: Recording (Pro Tools, Cubase, other DAW)

Phase 3: Audio engineering (Mix & Mastering)


  • Basic computer knowledge with Mac or PC

  • Common understanding of audio equipment

  • No experience necessary