Selectively picked by industry professionals and program directors, our course locations are high-end studios equipped with the latest audio technologies in the business.  Classes are held in various studios depending on projects. From classes in live recordings to mastering studio work, you will get to experience the everyday work of industry-selected studios.  The only way to learn in this business is through experience. At The Noize Faktory Academy, your experience is guided by a full team of professionals.

classes held in award-winning studios

  • High-end studios, equipped with State of The Art technology

  • Experience a real studio business while you study

  • Treat your course as an Apprenticeship or Intership

  • Learn to work with other studio professionals

  • Network and make connections in the music industry

  • Become a seasoned studio engineer by the time you complete your course

  • Get your hands-on practice with high-end technology


Classes held in different specialized studios throughout the course:

  • Live Audio Tracking Studios

  • HIgh-end Recording Studios

  • Audio Mixing Studios

  • Audio Treatment Studios

  • Vocal Tracking Studios

  • Mastering Studios

  • Film Edit Studios

Recording, mixing, mastering, soundscape and acoustic studios throughout the programs

As a critical part of our custom-tailored training structure, we provide our students with specialized high-end studios, equipped specifically for your chosen course program. You will be placed in an actual, active industry studio within your city 1-on-1 with a Noize Faktory instructor. Our studio locations are carefully selected for our course programs and are fully equipped to provide you with extensive hands-on learning and unlimited practice. This is a great opportunity to start networking and learning how to work with other music industry professionals while you are taking your course.