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Audio Workshops and Educational Events Custom-Tailored To Any Group

  • DJ Workshop

Get a group of friends together and learn how to DJ in a fun environment! Group Workshops are tailored to train and demonstrate DJ techniques to a group of 5-12 people. This can be arranged in any setting you'd like, as long as we can power the speakers and the DJ decks. You may want to use your own equipment to get a better learning experience or we will provide ours for your convenience. 

Duration: 4 hours

Size: 5-12 persons

Curriculum: Everything from basics to advanced effects and scratch

Fee: from $600 CAD per group


All digital audio arts taught in an interactive team seminar

Get your whole team trained on the latest DJ techniques. We have been proudly providing this service to radio stations, broadcasting companies, night clubs, restaurants, dj services companies, banquet establishments, schools, DJ schools and even birthday parties and weddings! 

Many companies order this service for their staff, team, artists, etc. This is a full 8-hour DJ seminar, with meticulous training personalized to each group of people; plenty of hands-on practice time with trainer's guidance; demonstration of advanced techniques and tools; in-depth look into the DJ software, hardware and add-ons; guidance with DJ and music industry career; lots of DJ fun. This seminar can be held in any setting that can sit 15-20 people. 

Content: seminar is divided into 4 phases - DJ arts introduction, hardware & software, DJ-ing in different venues, advanced DJ-ing.

Duration: 6-8 hours

Size: 10-20 persons

Curriculum: A full DJ seminar on everything from basics to advanced techniques, software, hardware, various DJ styles and platforms, as well as training routines and educational competitions.

Extras: catering services available for event. Please inquire during sign-up.




  • ON & Off-Site Special Events

Let our team create something amazing for your next corporate or private event. We pride ourselves on being versatile and always thinking “outside of the box” in order to give your event a competitive edge and a style all its own.

Custom-tailored to your company's or audience's needs, interests and goals. 

This is an educational, fun and unique way to train your crew on a unique, niche art - DJ-ing. You may be a large company with a large team to train or entertain or you may be a small musical shop interested in running a DJ seminar event for your existing clients. Whatever your needs are, we are flexible enough to custom tailor your seminar event.

Please feel free to fill out the form below to receive a quote for your own customized seminar.

From seminar events to private group workshops let us organize a fun and educational activity in the Audio Arts for your group.


Let's organize a Production seminar for your team! A training session and demonstration of the finest, most modern production sets, techniques and showcases. This public workshop can host from 5-12 people. Interactive producing, training and showcasing all in one full production seminar for a mid to large sized team. Educational and fun, 

Duration: 4 hours

Size: 5-12 persons

Curriculum: Everything from basics to advanced, including lots of practice time and demonstration.

Fee: from $600 CAD per group

Preferred date for seminar
Preferred date for seminar