The Noize Faktory Payment Plan™ makes it possible for all students to be able to pay off their tuition with no hidden fees or outrageous interest rates. Our payment plans are flexible and tailored to teach individual's situation. To start setting up your TNF Payment Plan™, speak to an Admissions advisor immediately by contacting

Financial Aid is customized to each student's profile. Let us help you figure out what payment plan will work best for you. We offer different formats of payment installment programs, as well as scholarship campaigns. Eligibility is determined after an interview with an Admissions officer.

General Payment Structure

A registration deposit of 30-50% of the course is paid upfront, then the balance is divided into even payments (monthly, weekly or biweekly). You would start the program as soon as your Registration deposit has been accepted. You may attend your program while you are making your monthly payments.

NOTE: While using a payment plan, the number of sessions you can attend will be limited weekly depending on the payment amount.

Do you need a Payment Plan?

Enroll below by completing your Registration Deposit first. Only Master Programs are eligible for payment plans.

Example of payment plan