DJ + Producer Program


50 studio hours of 1-on-1 professional training

Program Description

Interested in pursuing a career in Producing and DJ-ing your beats?

Most of today's famous DJ's are also producers...It's not just a trend, the two forms of art just go so well together. It's a mutual benefit! Being a DJ, you have a better ear on what kind of music is best for different crowds. As a producer, you know exactly how to tweak your music to sound exactly how you want it to sound. Put the two together, you become fluent in both forms of art almost instantly.

Phase 1: DJ Arts (Serato, Traktor)

Phase 2: Production (Ableton, Maschine, other DAW)

Phase 3: Mastering (Izotope, Brainworx, other plugins)

What You'll Need: 

  • Mac or PC laptop or desktop (for in-home lessons)

  • Headphones

  • DJ setup (Midi controller or CDJ's, Mixer) - available for rent

Career Skills:

Course programs at The Noize Faktory are tailored to prepare you for a career in today's music industry. Our instructors are active career professionals in this industry who are able to pass the most up-to-date knowledge and skills you need to be an independent music careerist. 

  • This course is designed to build your knowledge and skills from the ground up.

    • First, establishing your core foundation with music fundamentals

    • Gradually advancing yourself into the aspects of live DJ performance

    • Blending solid music production into skills-set

    • And finally fine-tuning your techniques in the world of recording and the process of polishing a good record.

  • In this course program, you will gain the necessary skills to be a fully knowledge-equipped audio professional in all of the major fields of the music production industry. We've designed this package to include everything from the basic fundamentals to the most advanced and up to date techniques of publishing and performing a hit-record.

  • You will walk away with enough preparation and knowledge to be an independent or signed Producer, DJ, Sound & Recording Engineer, as well as an all-around, music industry savvy professional.


  • Basic computer knowledge with Mac or PC

  • Common understanding of audio equipment

  • No experience necessary



  1. Use your own equipment: feel free to put your equipment to use for your lessons, as it has proven to be the most effective way to learn, because most musicians and music professionals are most comfortable with the specific equipment of their preference and this allows you to become a master with your own set-up.

  2. Use our equipment: our inventory of high-end professional audio equipment is available for your use during our lessons. For in-home lessons, we provide this equipment at a small rental charge.

Post-Program advancement

Below are course enhancements you can make to get more benefits out of your program training. You may add these Program Add-Ons at during registration or any time during your course program. These are tailored to suit your course program and act as an extension of your training.



From self-marketing as an artist, producer, dj, sound and recording engineer to being able to establish a management service and the fundamentals of managing and marketing projects, artists, bands and media companies. This feature course is designed to acquaint you with the music industry as a business.

  • Artist Development

  • Management and Labels

  • Producer, DJ and Audio Engineer Promotion

  • Industry Placement


Having the skills to DJ in your own home setting or in a studio or even in the radio waves doesn't make you a fully prepared DJ. A very significant part of DJ arts is the actual art of performance. Being able to move a crowd should be second nature to a professional DJ. Active industry DJ's are able to turn any live setting into an energy-filled party, no matter what crowd is in front of them. Learning how to read the crowd, genre-specific performances, live DJ techniques, putting together DJ sets and cleaning up your mixes, training your ear and mechanically DJ-ing without using your eyes, troubleshooting and technical setups in different club settings are some of the main aspects that are taught in this extended course.