DJ ARTS Master program

Curriculum: Learn everything from beginner to advanced levels of DJ-ing


  • Intro to DJ Arts

  • DJ Audio Principles

  • Live DJ Fundamentals

  • DJ w/ CDJ

  • DJ w/Vinyl

  • DJ w/Midi & Software

  • DJ Production

  • DJ Audio Engineering (Mix&Master)

  • DJ Industry Placements

  • Recording & Career DJ

  • DJing as a business

DJ Arts Certification Program

30 studio hours of 1-on-1 professional training


Program Description

Combination of all necessary elements crucial for an Industry Career DJ. If you are serious about pursuing a career as a DJ, you should be ready to be involved in many different aspects of the music biz. For a start, you will need a strong foundation of knowledge to get to the top, the competition is fierce! We have designed a program that focuses on the most crucial areas of being a career DJ - from a technical and industry perspective.

Phase 1: DJ Arts (Serato, Traktor)

Phase 2: Production essentials (Ableton Live, Maschine, other DAW)

Phase 3: Mix & Master (any DAW)

What You'll Need: 

  • Mac or PC laptop or desktop (for in-home lessons)

  • Headphones

Career Skills:

Course programs at The Noize Faktory are tailored to prepare you for a career in today's music industry. Our instructors are active career professionals in this industry who are able to pass the most up-to-date knowledge and skills you need to be an independent music careerist. 

  • This course is designed to build your knowledge and skills from the ground up.

    • First, establishing your core foundation with music fundamentals

    • Gradually advancing yourself into the aspects of live DJ performance

    • Blending solid music production into skills-set

    • And finally fine-tuning your techniques in the world of recording and the process of polishing a good record.

  • In this course program, you will gain the necessary skills to be a fully knowledge-equipped audio professional in all of the major fields of the music production industry. We've designed this package to include everything from the basic fundamentals to the most advanced and up to date techniques of publishing and performing a hit-record.

  • You will walk away with enough preparation and knowledge to be an independent or signed Producer, DJ, Sound & Recording Engineer, as well as an all-around, music industry savvy professional.


  • Basic computer knowledge with Mac or PC

  • Common understanding of audio equipment

  • No experience necessary